4orange landscape

4orange stands for a combination of customer information and marketing infrastructure. We help our relations with the (optimal) use of data to maximize efficiency. We work closely with the following Parties:

 Mint Marketing Mint Marketing focusses on listbroking, lead generation and online campaigns for its customers. Mint Marketing knows how to handle data properly. Mint Marketing knows what data is available and supports companies by providing advice and creating, sending, evaluating and improving campaigns. Mint Marketing knows how to use data succesfully for generating new customers, creating Customer Insights and customer retention actions.
 mintOmniprofiles Omniprofiles provides information behind an IP address and/or an e-mail address. With this information the online marketeer can fill in an optimal online contactstrategy. By using this information the online campaigns will be much more effective. By offering e-profiling, Omniprofiles is capable of bringing companies in contact with a whole new world of socio-demographic information and lifestyle features. With which extended profiles are drawn up behind online clickthrough behaviour on websites. Omniprofiles turns IP and e-mail addresses into real life customers that are interested in your products or services!
omniprofiles_logo4orange Consultancy 4orange Consultancy is an associated company of 4orange and advises on strategic level by acquiring, expanding and maintaining valuable customers from the expert areas of Database marketing, Marketing Automation and Marketing & Customer Intelligence. The 4orange Consultancy specialists excel when it comes to implementing Customer Insights throughout your company.