Ed and Richard give first impression 4orange

They are now working at 4orange for almost four weeks. Read here what they think of 4orange.

Ed: “I think 4orange is a very inspiring environment. 4orange is an organization that – as far as I’ve seen so far – no corporate or political influences knows and thus has a high degree of entrepreneurship. People consider themselves as a team working together on the common goal, and the main goal is to serve the customer. Best possible service, innovation, quality, customization are all important values​​. Additionally, people rely on each other and work well together and happy. There is a fine and open culture. If I am successful in the job that I got here, I see myself working here for a long time. ”

Richard: “These first few weeks I noticed  the honesty and no-nonsense mentality within the 4orange company. I did not expect that the company would be as open. Things will not occur better and in my opinion customers appreciate this. I feel very comfortable because I am an open and honest person. Additionally, I am positively surprised by the passion colleagues have for the work they do. ”