4orange Profiles

  • Creating and comparing customer profiles?
  • Insights into the profile of your customers, compared to the entire Dutch population?

This can be done by using 4orange Profiles. This is an internet tool for people that deal with customer contacts in the broadest sense of the word.

  • 4orange Profiles compares a specific group of households (that you upload yourself) to all Dutch households.
  • This provides insight into what type of household is over-represented in the specified group. The comparison is made based on several aspects including specific household types, life stages, education and the number and ages of children in households.
  • A database that contains characteristics from all Dutch households is used to create the profile
  • This database has been compiled by 4orange through surveys and the use of general public data held by the CBS (Statistics Netherlands)

4orange Profiles can be used free of charge the first three months. After this period you pay only € 950,- per year and can create an unlimited number of profiles.

Click here to download the fact sheet and read how 4orange Profiles works.

Want to know more? Please contact Joyce Lopulalan via + 31 (0) 20-7504400 or Joyce.lopulalan@4orange.nl