Afbeelding Cee appSimply provide additional information?
Show movies or user manuals?
provide (Audio) instructions or explanations?
Collect additional consumer?
Directly sell product or service?

The Cee Platform provides all the benefits of a mobile marketing platform. The code is an (invisible) graphic image, after scanning the image with a smartphone a specific Web page. On this page, film, audio or text can be presented. This code can be used in graphics and through various media such as posters, advertisements, billboards, letters, journals etc. are distributed.

How it works
The Cee App can be downloaded in the App store for free. After scanning, a secure web page will be opened. Behind the code is a platform (a database), in which all data is stored, eg location (GPS), IP address, pages visited, and, depending on how the underlying web page is furnished, the additional information that is left on the page. See the movie about the Chameleon code that is part of the Cee platform.
• Immediate insight into the database
• Increase the conversion action
• Analyze data
• Measure customer loyalty
Would you like to experience the advantages of the unique Chameleon Platform?

Please contact Marielle van der Zwan by phone 020-7504400 or by email