Marketing software

  • Need Tools for selections, analysis and management reports?
  • A single customer view across all channels by integrating data from all available systems?
  • Integrate information from new channels?
  • Need a helping hand when it comes to coming up with a cost effective customer contact strategy?

The marketing database is the heart of a customer-oriented organization. It is critical to have all customer relationships and contact moments available for all business processes. Customer data from all available systems are tied together to give an overall view of the customer. This data can be analyzed and used in all relevant (customer) processes.

The analyses provide insight and are used in finding new customers, retaining or expanding existing customer groups or setting up/maintaining a relevant customer dialogue (for example, using campaign management).

4orange specializes in marketing efficiency and effectiveness using a marketing database. We would like to advise you on the best tools based on your specific needs. We build the database in one of our own tools (such as, for example, 4orange File Frame or Connect) but also implement and support systems of third parties such as Unica or Alterian. If required we can provide the solution also completely built in MS SQL Server or SSIS. The starting point is at all times your wish and situation.

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