4orange Connect

4orange Connect is the latest release of File Frame. A whole new look, new features and also in terms of usability, much has happened. Hence a new name: 4orange Connect.

  • Fast and user data loading, editing, selecting, segmenting and analyzing
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of marketingcampaigns
  • One total customer view over all systems
  • Flexibility in an existing IT environments

4orange Connect databases4orange Connect is the solution for connecting two or more (operational/CRM) IT environments. Many organizations use different systems based on various technologies. The possibility of connecting these systems makes targeted and customer specific communication possible. Since operational systems differ in key areas, this is not always easy. 4orange has over 20 years of experience in developing solutions that enables optimized customer-oriented communication.

For a correct connection and proper consistency between different systems, it is necessary to develop a ‘ shell ‘ in which the focus is on the customer. 4orange Connect provides this possibility and consists of so-called ‘ blocks ‘ with generic functionalities, which, combined with customer specific customization components, are built up. An important feature of 4orange Connect is the solution of immediately and directly connecting to existing operational systems.

4orange Connect: The tool for insights, information and campaign management

4orange Connect is a flexible tool which easily connects various data sources together and gives insights into data. 4orange Connect offers customization within a standard solution.

4orange Connect can work automatically, so that more time is left for the content and dialogue with customers. It goes without saying that after the implementation of 4orange Connect, multiple users, in particular marketing analysts, can work simultaneously with this solution.
Because it is a flexible solution, composed of several modules, it can easily be maintained, adapted and expanded. Depending on the composition of the modules within 4orange Connect marketing analysis and campaign management will be set up, rolled out structured and enhanced.

4orange Connect is designed for marketing databases and campaign management. Processes such as in the loading, manipuleren- and selecting data are very fast and user friendly and know no limit quantities. Knowledge of programming languages ​​such as SQL is not necessary.

4orange Connect is fully available for Oracle or MSSQL Server.

Watch the video on the operation of 4orange Connect.

Download here:
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For more information please contact Shantia Farshidzad via + 31 (0) 20-7504400 or shantia.farshidzad@4orange.nl