• Loading, searching quick and easy, customizing and analyzing very large files?
  • Without prior knowledge of programming languages (such as SQL)?
  • Automate repetitive tasks?

For these purposes, 4orange has developed DMTools. This tool is equipped with a clear menu navigation and a clear data browser. Knowledge of programming languages is not necessary. There is also a scheduling module available with which it is possible to automate recurring tasks. The Scheduler is a service which works in the background and allows you to create automated actions. The user won’t notices a thing.

The possibilities of this tool:

  • Clean up and standardize name and address fields
  • Integrate (match, merge, join) and deduplicate files
  • Import and export files quickly and flexibly to many formats
  • Use an unlimited numbers of records. More than 100 million transactions are no problem
  • Make selections quickly and easily with the selection module.  Create segments, affinity scores and customer values with virtual fields
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Create and analyze multidimensional cubes
  • Sort files based on different types of fields
  • View and search individual records and specific records in the file. Add tags to field values
  • Create and update standard reports with export capabilities to, for example, Cognos or Business Objects

DMTools in practice

Would you like to experience how DMTools works? Try DMTools 2 months free! Download the factsheet for more information about DMTools or contact Shantia Farshidzad via + 31 (0)20- 7504400 or