Retail & FMCG

4orange makes local marketing possible for Retail & FMCG. The combination of spatial insights with advanced analytical predictive models provides a tool to get better results. This is the 4orange GIS Analyser.

What is the 4orange GIS Analyser
The 4orange GIS Analyzer is a web-based application that combines geographical information with statistical analysis (predictive models/simulations). It is a visual presentation of the current situation and opportunities in certain geographical areas.

The analysis are performed in the background (on demand), when the user chooses an area or a local (shop) branch. Lots of different applications are possible, depending on the wishes and needs of your organization. Consider, for example, profiles of consumers living in certain areas or messages at any store. It is also possible to compare shops. How does one store in a certain segment compared to other stores, etc. With this information you can easily see how much money is spent on a product or service in certain areas so you know who to approach and how.

The output can be composed in different file formats and can be used for presentations or reports.

In short: the 4orange GIS Analyser is an application that allows information about geographic objects to be stored, managed, edited, analyzed, integrated and presented.

The combination with advanced analytical prediction models makes this application unique in the Netherlands.

Would you like to learn more about our Retail & FMCG solution? Please take a look at 4orange GIS Analyser.

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