GIS Analyser

  • Want to give substantiated advice?
  • Local marketing ambitions?
  • Understanding needed for trade marketers?
  • Make better decisions and get better results?

With the GIS Analyser 4orange has developed a tool with which the trademarketing and sales departments gain insight into: -(local) consumer profiles; -potential turnover: -and the expected return per target group or local marketing point

The tool gives an excellent analytical foundation for strategic and promotional decisions. This provides better results.

The GIS 4orange Analyser can be used in multiple branches. The tool is ideal for:
  • FMCG- en Retail
  • Telecom
  • Broadcasters
  • Local and house building
  • Construction companies and project developers
  • Insurance companies and banks

The 4orange GIS Analyser is a web-based application that combines geographic information with statistical analyses (prediction models/simulations). In other words: a visual presentation of the current situation and opportunities in geographical areas ‘.

The analyses are run in the background (on demand) run when the user selects an area or location (store). Many applications are possible depending on the wants and needs of your organization.

Latest version of the GIS Analyser

The new version of the GIS Analyser is in a completely new layout. Very user friendly and super fast. The new features include:

  • The Insights module: this module allows the user itself, by means of filters, to make a selection in the underlying database of the GIS Analyser. This functionality is ideal for back office or trade marketing.
  • The dashboard: the dashboard shows all important links, news items, or territory information in a single overview and can be arranged by the user himself .
  • Favorites and last selected items are saved and are therefore readily available.
  • Organization module: to add and publish content in the application itself (for example, order forms or the link to other applications)
  • The speed of search and select is greatly improved.

More information can be found in downloads and factsheets.

Questions about the GIS Analyser? Please contact 020-7504400 or via Rogier Sovereign