4orange is proud to work for great companies. Below are some comments from our relationships;

“ In cooperation with 4orange Eneco has more insight in (the deployment of) data within the energy market for the benefit of customer retention and recruiting new customers. This makes it possible for Eneco to target and to do very efficient campaign management. The various customer insights and predictive models that 4orange has built with Eneco, ensures that Eneco can even better meet the needs of the customer. In addition, the many years of cooperation has ensured 4orange to offer Eneco analysis support if Eneco wishes. ”

Joost Vroonhof,Manager Marketing Intelligence

“ for KWF, 4orange provides the selections and analyses of various campaigns for the private and business fundraising – and conservation. Together with our own data specialists 4orange gives insight into the specific target group and donors dates which target group and message perfectly aligned. To this aim we use File Frame, the marketing database solution of 4orange. The flexible attitude of 4orange, the quality they provide and the on time delivery of the needed information, provides for almost 15 years a very pleasant and reliable cooperation ”

Steven Hasselbaink,Teamleider Centrale Administratie

“ With the data warehouse that 4orange has set up, Terberg Leasing has insight into information on different levels which previously was locked in different systems. Analyses and display reports are provided  to the management to which better decisions can be taken ”

Rogier van Ewijk,Algemeen directeur

“ Proteq is working with File Frame and DMTools of 4orange for over 15 years. “We combine data from different Online and Offline sources and use this to understand both our prospects as customers, in order to focused marketing decisions. In File Frame we create analysis-forecast files, we build reports and we carry out campaigns. Working with File Frame provides us with higher efficiency, a better result from our (marketing or communication) campaigns and a higher customer satisfaction. In addition, we appreciate the flexibility of 4orange. When we need the input of 4orange, they are always ready to help! ”

Gertjan van Beekum,Online Marketing Specialist

“ For Justlease.nl and Leasen.nl 4orange developed a marketing database for performing event driven campaigns. With the campaign management tool external data from the website is integrated with internal data in order to improve customer contacts and to be able to follow the customerdialogue ”

Paul Wassenaar,Marketing Manager

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