Big data

big data1Data is becoming increasingly important. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously data comes in many places available by, amongst others, social media, the use of mobile devices, but also through the use of for example domestic home systems like the digital temperature controller. The amount of available data grows hard and is becoming increasingly important in taking of (business) decisions.

For a company, it is important to channel and combine all data sources within the company. In particular, the combination of the many data streams provide a wealth of information. It is important to know how you can transform the data to information and how to use that information in the management of the company.
This is exactly where 4orange is specialized in. The translation of (big) data into useful information.

For over 20 years we have experience with huge data files (millions of transactions per second). We make the translation on the basis of analyses and/or predictions to be able to make the correct substantiated business decisions. We combine all available internal data with any external information available to:

  • make more informed business decisions
  • to determine the actual customer value
  • understand the different customer groups
  • gain insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • tune propositions per customer group
  • reduce Churn
  • predict risks
  • have automated customer dialogue taken place
  • to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

big data2Herewith we have specialized in the width of the field marketing, with which the available (customer) knowledge can be used to work efficiently and which is the basis for strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities offered by the translation of big data to information and what it means for your company? Please contact Marielle van der Zwan via or call +31(0)20-7504453


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