Campaign management

Communicating with the right target groups, the right message, through the right channel, at the right time? Every organization pursues this, but in practice, this is usually not that simple. Obtaining an understanding of behavior and needs of (potential) clients often proves difficult. As well as using the reaction in the determination which next action should be taken or building and maintaining a valuable contact database. 4orange makes this possible for your organization!

What is campaign management?

Campaign management is the total process of inventing, designing, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and evaluation of direct marketing campaigns and actions. This is partly understandable how the campaign budget is deployed and what ROI is achieved. At campaign management systems, procedures, people, and data are brought together to make a success of campaigns.
Campaign management can be best exploited when this is automated. There are several systems available.

4orange is specialized  in (automated) campaign management for over 20 years and has also developed its own system. Next to the own system (File Frame) we also implement and support systems from other vendors such as Alterian of SDL and Unica of IBM.

Why just now essential?

The current consumer gets thousands of rising incentives on: TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, online advertising, mobile messages and opinions and opinions of acquaintances around themselves. To get noticed  between all these incentives, it is important to be relevant. At a successful campaign there will be insight  in where the target is located, how they are in contact with media (and so it can be best accomplished) and sensitivity to specific triggers used in communication.

By capturing and analyzing campaign results, Consumer Insight or customer insight exists. It also guarantees the quality of the available data. Each new campaign can be used more efficiently and effectively. On the basis of the Customer Journey it is determined when and how to pay attention to  your product or service. The costs go down and the conversion will be increased. And not unimportant: the receiver appreciates your message!

File Frame

File frame is a software system developed by 4orange, aimed at bringing together data from (complex) marketing databases and suitable for campaign management.

Characteristics of 4orange File Frame:

Speed – quick and easy load, edit, and analyzing data segments, target selection and planning and executing campaigns.
Linking e-mail tools – integration capability with all common email tools. Through collaboration between the Email Service Provider and FileFrame, the staged campaigns in FileFrame will be automatically picked up, sent out and the results will be fed back for evaluation and analysis. The ideal solution to automate your marketing communications, to evaluate and optimize.
Simplicity – easy startup, multistep campaigns. (For example, selecting relationships, sending an email/letter, changing a profile field or detention of response.
Planning and deployment of campaigns — File Frame can automatically start campaigns by the selection of the different start addresses to take place based on triggers. For example: having a Web form or the completed survey, an open or click in an email or a trigger from an external system. All the information is stored in File Frame and can start as a trigger.
Reading campaign results – by importing the campaign results (DM, TM and EM) you enriche the present active profiles in your campaign database. This allows you to further segment your target audience and is the step to sending emails with dynamic (targeted) content made easy. A higher relevance to the receiver, a higher return on your campaign!
Flexibility – the ability to create their own (virtual) fields gives File Frame a huge flexibility in use. There will be no programmer required for adding new data or fields. Also the results being returned in reports are easily adapt to the needs of your organization.

More information?

More information can be found in the downloadable File Frame factsheet.

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